The provisions set out and referred to in terms and conditions include Surface/Rail/Air and Sea Transportation.

1. Areas of application

1.1 These logistics terms and conditions apply to all (supplementary) logistics services through any mode of transportation including sea, air, road, rail, or anything else as per provided by the company.

1.2 Logistic services may be activities of any type like – adaptation of goods, storage of goods, selection of mode of transport of goods, order acceptance etc. The services may also concern with planning, control, monitoring, and implementation of orders, processes, returns, disposal, information technology, or anything else related to business.

1.3 Service provider here is referred to as the party that provides logistics services.

1.4 Customer, here is referred to the person(s)/ company(ies)/organization(s)/community(s) who want to deliver its goods /item(s)/commodity(s) via. Any mode of transportation.

1.5 Logistics terms and conditions are applicable to customers / end-users.

2. Electronic data exchange

2.1 Each Party here is referred to as customers and companies can create, exchange and transmit statements by electronic data exchange.

2.2 Customers shall appoint one or more contact person(s) for exchange of information and communication in regards to shipping of goods or any query. If the customer doesn’t appoint any contact person then one who has booked the shipping order shall be considered the contact person.

2.3 Electronics documents shall be considered equivalent to the written document.

3. Confidentiality

3.1 Customers shall keep all information and data confidential, and shall not make it public unless required. The same rule shall be applicable to electronic data and information.

3.2 The customer shall provide the specific characteristics of goods/their principal constituents, ingredients, or sensitive relevant information about the Goods.

4. Documentation

4.1 The customer(s) shall declare the specific characteristics of goods /consignment while disclosing hazardous, inflammable features too. Aslo, if the product has any prohibitions or restrictions imposed by the government then also the customer shall inform the same.

4.2 The customer(s) shall inform accurate details i.e name of consignee, address, telephone numbers, emails and other relevant details that are required for the process.

4.3 In case documentation is not complete and proper then no claim or grievance of any nature shall be entertained in that regard.

5. Delivery of Goods

5.1 The customer(s) shall inform any change/or information about the Goods, modes of Transport, address, etc. clearly, and without delay. In case of false/inappropriate or hidden information, Company shall be not liable for any loss/damage/ or non-receipt of Goods.

5.2 Date of Arrival of Consignment or first attempt to provide destination address shall be considered as delivery.

5.3 Delivery assurance will not be applicable in case of accidents, acts of God, force majeure; floods, strikes, political bandhs, acts of enemies of State, and events beyond the control of Company.

6. Claim

6.1 If any issue arises, this must be made in writing to the company’s corporate office within 30 days after receipt of the consignment. No claim shall be considered beyond this time limit.

7. Jurisdiction

Any dispute or difference whatsoever arising between the parties out of or relating to the delivery/transportation/price/damage or anything else shall be settled by the arbitration.

You agree to the Terms by accessing this Web Site or accepting the information from this Web Site. The Company reserves the right in its sole discretion to change the Terms and conditions related to use of the website, order booking, delivery of goods, or anything related to the business.

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